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[url=http://allure.vanguardngr.com/2016/10/funmi-holder-still-unmarried/][img]http://23069-presscdn.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/IMG_3856.jpg[/img][/url]Dangote starts building of new cement plants in Edo, Ogun

Dangote Cement Plc has announced the commencement of the building of new cement plants in two communities in the united states.

The brand new plants are expected to add nine million metric tonnes per annum to the company's present local cement outcome from 29.25 million metric tonnes per annum (mmtpa) to 38.25 mmtpa

Devakumar said the move by the business was to help expand the spread of its production outfits, thereby cutting down the transport cost component of operations.

He added that the new investments will further lower cost of production; bring about future reductuon of the amount of cement and also to create employment opportunities for the youths of host communities.

Also speaking at the event, the Group Managing Director, Cement, Dangote Industries Limited, Onne Vander Weijde said the interest in cement was still high taking into consideration the level of population growth in Nigeria, saying that Nigeria's per capita consumption of the building material that will be just above 100 kilogram per capita is relatively low, signaling a massive growth potential.

The business stated the communities in which the newest plants are being set up by it are Okpella in the northern area of Edo State, having a three million per annum plant and another six million per annum capacity plants in Itori, in Ogun State.

The Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dangote Cement Plc, Devakumar Edwin, who made the statement in Lagos, clarified the Okpella plant will soon be constructed of one line and certainly will generate a total of three million metric tonnes per annum, as well as the Itori plant which will deliver around six million tonnes per annum from two production lines. Both plants are expected to come within the next three years.

"There's always been an excess in demand because cement was not easily available, but ours is accessible and also the prices are affordable. Consumer prices have fallen by 35 per cent in naira terms, but if you take it in dollar terms and connect it with today's parallel market rates, you'll realise the cost of the merchandise has gone down in Nigeria, as well as in some cases below the prevailing typical international cost.

"This itself is an enormous driver for increasing the per capita consumption," he said.

He said using the capacity of the plants in Nigeria, the organization can provide the entire western and central Africa area, maintaining that currently, Dangote cement is exporting cement to Niger, Ghana, Togo with plans to move up to the Ivory Coast.

"Nigeria had always been an import-dependent country in terms of cement in the past and if we don't add up capacities, we will not be able to match up the consumption rate in the united states.
Experts warn Nigerians on maltreatment of data privacy

The President/Chairman Governing Council of the Institute of Information Management (IIM) Africa, Dr. oyedokun Oyewole, and the chairman Data and Knowledge Information Privacy Protection Initiative(DKIPP), Tokunbo Smith, have warned general public to desist from perpetuating mistreatment of data privacy in the state.

This in collaboration with other specialists drawn from your legal, health, spiritual, educational and information management and other disciplines, in commemoration of the year's Data Privacy Day (DPD), unanimously concurred on the importance of swift passage of the Information Privacy Act lying in the the National Assembly for close to a decade.

[url=https://Www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/alerts/][img]http://23069-presscdn.pagely.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/MG_1306.jpg[/img][/url]The IIM-Africa's Chairman said, "The craft of technological progress is embraced by all nations including developing countries. The world has become a global village where people share information at once but in different parts of the world over the web today. Unfortunately, a developing country like Nigeria venture without understanding the consequences and the legal frameworks under which those technologies function, taking into consideration the rapid pace at which technology keeps evolving while the legal speed remains predominantly slow.

The Data Privacy Day was made to increase awareness globally to discuss solutions for, the growing problem of data privacy vulnerabilities.

In his keynote address at the function held in Lagos, Oyewole, said it's vital for other stakeholders as well as business leaders to realize the total danger potential of data privacy risks and how you can address these dilemmas.

He remembered that in response to the increasing amounts of data breaches and the worldwide importance of privacy and data security, in 2010 the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) and heaps of global organizations adopted Data Privacy Day as Data Privacy Chairman, Kaduna State Basic Instruction Board, Shuaibu Dabo; Chairman Zaria Local Government Region, Jafaru Abbas, Magajin Garu Zazzau, Alhaji Ahmed Nuhu Bamali and members of the Zaria Emirate council.
21 Internet service providers' anticipated to renew licences in 2016

ABOUT 21 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) operating in Nigeria are [url=https://www.Vanguardngr.com/category/more/for-the-record/page/3/]expected[/url] to renew their operating permits in 2016 following their expiration of their permit.

According to information collected from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) site the service providers were issued the operating licenses in 2011. In accordance with NCC, the ISPs were licensed for an amount of five years.

A few of the licensees include: Gilat Satcom Nig Limited; Quautet (W.A.) Limited; Kalex Global Solutions Limited; City Central Communications Limited; Global TT Data Networks Limited; Single Eagle Technologies Limited; Hajara Ihsan Nigeria Limited; Limited , Network Information Technology Nig; Lexican Investment Limited.

Others are MainOne Cable Co. Limited; Telecom Services and Network Auditing; EF-GEE Telecorp Limited; Aida Synergy Nig Limited, Trussnet Limited, Mfreke Ventures Limited; IT Port Limited, Conecom Limited; VDT Communications Limited; Juniper Solutions Limited; Layer3 Limited; Artifice Colony Nigeria Limited.

Those listed are licensees whose licenses would expire by August 2016 and expired between June 2015.

Disclosure that was additional revealed that by 2017, 18 other ISPs would renew their permits apart from the list and in 2018 and 2019; about 21 and 20 others are to rekindle theirs.

[url=https://Www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2017/11/30/asup-suspends-strike/][img]https://i0.wp.com/s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/leadersandco/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/01221101/20170401TD-1.jpg?fit=3425,4902[/img][/url]Up to now, the NCC has issued about 200 ISPs with [url=https://guardian.ng/category/news/metro/]operating[/url] licenses to provide Internet services in the country. The licensees, functioning in different parts of the nation, had helped in taking Internet services to individuals, companies and authorities.

Indeed, while Nigeria has crossed the 100 per cent teledensity mark middle 2015, as at September 2015, the present subscribers' data showed that there 150 million phone (voice) users and 97 million Internet subscribers, mainly using on the narrow band. The broadband penetration in the state crawls despite bandwidth glut in the country.

While the Federal Government, through the ministry of Communications, has establish 30 per cent broadband penetration target for 2018, it informed that presently, the country accounts for 29 per cent of Internet usage on the [url=http://Sunnewsonline.com/category/cover-stories/]continent[/url] and also the amount is likely to grow.

Other strategies been explored by government to ensure pervasive and ubiquitous broadband penetration in the nation included the licensing of Infrastructure Companies (InfraCos). They're definitely going to be six representing the geo political zones of the nation and Lagos.

Two businesses procured permits early a year ago to service the North Central zones along with Lagos. The firms are IHS Communications and MainOne Cable. The residual five InfraCos are likely to be licensed before the conclusion of this year along with auctioning some spectrum licenses, notably the 2.6GHz spectrum band, postponed severally last year.
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Dangote starts building of new cement plants in Edo, Ogun

Dangote Cement Plc has announced the commencement of the building of new cement plants in two communities in the united states.

The brand new plants are expected to add nine million metric tonnes per annum to the company's present local cement outcome from 29.25 million metric tonnes per annum (mmtpa) to 38.25

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